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Hi everyone! Sarah Hunter here. I just thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself.
Movement, fitness and well-being have always been a passion of mine and I shall be forever grateful to the doctor who told my mother to send me to ballet classes in order to correct my pigeon toes. He started me along the path that I am still traveling.
I am fascinated by the workings of the human body and love learning more about how we move and how movement can heal.
In 2011 my training in Modern Pilates began. I was hooked. Since then I have specialised in spinal conditions, pelvic dysfunction and pre/post natal exercise.
With additional training in the full studio apparatus repertoire, Barre Pilates Method, Biomechanical assessment and release work I feel confident that whatever fitness level you are at and whatever your goals are, I can find the right exercise for you.

My interest in health and fitness began over 20 years ago with Exercise to Music. Although professionally I then went on to pursue a mainstream teaching career, I have been a regular participant in a wide range of gym and studio based exercise classes throughout this time.

However, it was only when I began to attend Pilates classes, with their emphasis on technique, control and the mind-body connection, that I soon very strongly felt I wished to be more than a participant.

To this end, I have recently completed my training with  Modern Pilates to achieve my Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates.

Modern Pilates, delivered by Professional Fitness and Education, focuses on clinical, physio-led Pilates. Completing my teacher training with them has enabled me to develop my understanding of, and nurture my interest in, the anatomical basis of Pilates and it’s huge benefits in not only maintaining and improving health and fitness but in also preventing and rehabilitating  injury.

I count myself as extremely fortunate to have discovered Chorley Pilates and benefit from Sarah’s considerable specialist Pilates knowledge and expertise during my training. Furthermore I am now delighted to have the opportunity to work with Sarah and take some of your classes, and work with some of you on an individual basis, at the Chorley Studio.

Rachel May
(BA Hons – Econ PGCE)

I’m Anna and I’ve been teaching Pilates since March 2018. I have always been an active person either in the gym, running, cycling, swimming or dancing but I was introduced to Pilates about 6 years ago. I found it to be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. It helped with increasing flexibility and tone, but particularly with relaxation. When I was pregnant with my son, it was something that I was always able to participate in, either in a class or at home, and even when I didn’t feel great. I believe it really helped post pregnancy with any back niggles and getting my body back in shape in safe and effective way.  I decided to train to teach Pilates after finding out I was being made redundant after 10 years working for Bolton Council, increasing physical activity amongst adults. In that time I gained some great experience in working with a wide range of people and trained in exercise referral. Pilates is something that I really enjoy and I feel very lucky to be able to pass on the skills I’ve learnt to teach others.