Chorley Pilates Studio Health and Safety Procedures

Dear client, for the health and safety of yourself, your family, staff and members of Chorley Pilates, we would politely ask that you read through and familiarise yourself with the following health and safety procedures.

Hope to see you soon. Take care. Sarah

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Numbers will be strictly limited for each class to ensure that social distancing measures are in place. We would ask that you make your booking via the Gymcatch app for each class. If you are unable to attend, please unbook to allow someone else to have that place. Using this system we will be able to implement a track and trace protocol should anyone begin to exhibit symptoms, as per government guidelines. Anyone not booked in will unfortunately not be permitted inside the studio.

In order to ensure that we limit the number of people who come into contact with one another, we would ask that you arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before the start of your session and leave promptly. Coloured guides will be visible on the floor to allow safe social distancing. Once you have removed your shoes and coat, please come straight into the studio to your allocated position, as marked out on the floor. We would ask that you remain within your allocated area for the duration of your session. I will miss chatting to you all, as we do, but I am always just a phone call away if you need to discuss anything important (07505100622).

An automatic, no touch hand sanitising unit will be placed on the windowsill of the entrance and one also within the studio. Please use this as soon as you arrive, before touching any surfaces.

An automatic hand soap dispenser is located in the bathroom. Please use this to wash hands if necessary. Paper towels are provided for drying. Please use the foot operated pedal bin to dispose of them.

Please try to avoid using the bathroom if at all possible. Sanitising wipes will be available for handles and taps, please use them after using the facilities.

We would ask that you try to avoid touching your face whilst at the studio, this includes using a mobile phone. Should you do so, please re-sanitise your hands immediately.

For the time being we are unable to share equipment. We would like to ask that everyone brings their own mat, cushion/block and resistance band. Other apparatus which can be sanitised quickly and effectively, such as weights, may be used. Please leave this in your working area at the end of the session for your instructor to sanitise and put away.
Unfortunately changing into your gym clothes at the studio is not currently permitted at this time. Please come ready, in your gym gear.

Water bottles are a good idea to have handy. Please have them ready filled as the kitchen area is now only for use by instructors and staff. Water bottles must be kept with you in your working area and taken home at the end of the session.
Mobile phones should be turned off or silenced during the session. Should you need to keep it on, for emergency purposes only, please apply sanitiser immediately after touching.

Please try to keep what you bring into the studio to a minimum. Anything not necessary for your session try to leave at home or store safely and securely in your car. You will no longer be allowed to bring bags into the studio and anything you do bring in must be kept in your working area. Chorley Pilates cannot be held responsible for the safety of valuable items which must be left outside.

Masks have been deemed as non-essential for indoor exercise. Should you wish to wear one, please put it on before entering the studio and then sanitise your hands immediately.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the towers and reformers are safe and hygienic to use. Removable, washable hand grips are now provided. Please remove and drop into the wash basket provided at the end of your session.

Naturasan spray bottles and a cloth will be provided for you to wipe over any areas contacted by head or hands. Again, drop the cloths into the wash basket afterwards.

Please bring you own mat for the tower class. Should you wish to bring an additional cover for the reformer bed then you are welcome to do so. This is entirely optional but if you do, please ensure that it is non-slip.

We are no longer accepting cash payment for membership or classes. Payment can be made easily and securely via the Gymcatch app or by setting up a standing order (please ask for details). Payment for equipment purchased at the studio can be made via a contactless card device.

If you managed to get through all that without either developing a headache, losing the will to live or falling asleep, well done!