Retreats may seem like a luxury event that we dream of doing but rarely or never attend. A night away from home might sound like bliss but when you’re juggling child care, the dog walking, being on hand in case mum/dad/elderly neighbour needs you, you don’t always feel that you can. But you still crave that time away, a bit of sanctuary in you busy life. A space where your mind can stop whirling, where you can forget the to-do-list, where you can actually completely relax and have someone else look after you for a change. Let’s face it, even having a relaxing bath at home usually gets interrupted with a knock on the door! That’s why we have put together this day of self-care and relaxation without the overnight stay hassle.
We begin on Saturday at the very civilised time of 11:30am, Once you have been welcomed in to The Healing Well we will get ourselves moving with a mindful Pilates class designed to unwind your body and mind, releasing tension and getting you very much in the zone.
Once we have re-hydrated you and refreshed you with some fruit, we will indulge our senses and emotions with an introduction to essential oils workshop. Experiencing luxury grade essential oils, you will learn what they are, how they work and how to use them to effectively balance your hormones and emotions before making your very own, unique roller-ball hormone blend to take home.
After a delicious vegan Buddha box and healthy desert, we continue the day with top to toe self-massage exercise class on the hedgehogs. An absolute favourite with Chorley Pilates members, you will feel any remaining tension simply melt away.
Next we sit down for the most fabulous pamper experience. Sitting with your feet in a bowl of refreshing and relaxing Ocean Fizz foot soak, we will guide you through a facial treatment using Tropic clean, green, vegan and cruelty free luxury products. We will cleanse, tone and get our choice of face masks on. Whilst the mask is working its magic we will exfoliate and then massage our feet with the exfoliating foot pebble and the Repairing Foot Remedy. We will teach you techniques to massage the hands and face to release tension, restore your youthful glow and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There will be the opportunity to order Tropic products on the day, and if you do, you could win some or all of yours for free in our prize draw. And then more fruit and drinks! We round the day off with a relaxation and mindfulness class, giving you some tools to make life feel less overwhelming and less busy.
See, we told you you would need this!
To find out more about this wonderful experience and what we will be doing, why not join our Chorley Pilates Well-Being group on FaceBook