Junior Pilates

Especially designed for younger members, this junior class is geared towards getting you moving better and improving your posture. Modern life is so geared towards technology that we sometimes forget about much we are sitting and slouching. This can lead to changes in your body that cause aches, pains and stiffness which might become worse as we age. Did you know you can burn around 300 extra calories a day just by having good posture! It’s also great for anyone wanting to be better at their sport, dance or other activities as it gets you to connect with your body, work muscles that you didn’t even know you had and improve your stamina, balance and flexibility as well as strength.

Your Instructor Anna is fully DBS checked but should another instructor be taking the class, we will advise you on the app and make sure that a second adult is present during the session. Please wear either gym gear or clothes that are comfortable to move in and aren’t too baggy or bulky. It’s a socks only studio but we’re not fussy if they don’t match! 

You can book a class directly through our website, Book Now