Covid-19 UPDATES

Due to the current situation, we have had to sadly close the doors to the studio for now.


But, we have a plan B!


If you would like to join us for live workouts, here’s how 
For members, paying by standing order, simply ask to join the private Facebook group, Chorley Pilates Classmates. If you’re not on Facebook then now might be a great time to start. 

If you’re unsure what to do or concerned about privacy then do feel free to send me an email and I’ll try my best to help you out.
Non Members:
Click the following link and buy your 1 month access pass. 
All the live workouts will be saved so you can keep your favourites and come back to them whenever you would like.
We’ll also be posting some shorter ones and more YouTube videos.
Hope to see you there!

At Chorley Pilates we pride ourselves on having highly qualified, specialist instructors who can work with any body at any level of fitness. Our small, boutique studio is unique in the Chorley area, having Pilates apparatus as well as offering mat based classes.

Class numbers are kept small so that you know the instructor will keep you safe, modify the exercises accordingly and push you to challenge yourself when appropriate.

See what some of our clients have said here.

We offer mat classes at two levels, Pilates Tower, Barre fitness, Core Conditioning, Pilates Apparatus Circuits, Post-Natal and Stretch and Relax.

Personal training available and also qualified in spinal conditions, pelvic dysfunction and scoliosis. 

All apparatus and equipment is provided so they only thing you need to bring is yourself.

Chorley Pilates Classmates

Contact us here to become an exclusive Chorley Pilates Classmate for online classes you can still do in the safety and comfort of your own home.

We now do Junior Pilates!

Click here for more information